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How to Prepare for BJMC Course Entrance Exam in Delhi?


Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) is a popular undergraduate course that trains students in media and communication. Institutes offering BJMC course in Delhi conduct entrance exams to select the best candidates for the course. Here are some tips on how to prepare for the bjmc course in delhi.

  1. Understand the Exam Pattern: Before starting your preparation, it is important to understand the exam pattern and syllabus of the BJMC course entrance exam. The exam usually consists of objective-type questions on topics such as current affairs, general knowledge, English language, and media and communication.
  2. Practice Previous Year Question Papers: Practicing previous year question papers can give you an idea of the type of questions asked in the exam and help you understand the exam pattern and syllabus. You can also identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on them accordingly.
  3. Improve Your English Language Skills: The BJMC course entrance exam in Delhi usually tests your English language skills, including grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing. You can improve your English language skills by reading newspapers, books, and online articles, and by practicing grammar and vocabulary exercises.
  4. Stay Updated with Current Affairs: The BJMC course entrance exam in Delhi usually tests your knowledge of current affairs, including national and international news, politics, sports, and entertainment. You can stay updated with current affairs by reading newspapers, watching news channels, and following online news portals.
  5. Enhance Your Communication Skills: The BJMC course is all about communication, so it is important to have good communication skills. You can enhance your communication skills by participating in debates, discussions, and public speaking events, and by practicing writing and editing skills.
  6. Time Management: Time management is crucial for the BJMC course entrance exam in Delhi. You should practice solving objective-type questions within the given time limit and allocate time for each section of the exam.

In conclusion, preparing for the BJMC course entrance exam in Delhi requires a systematic and disciplined approach. You should understand the exam pattern and syllabus, practice previous year question papers, improve your English language skills, stay updated with current affairs, enhance your communication skills, and practice time management. With dedication and hard work, you can crack the BJMC course entrance exam in Delhi and get admitted to a top institute.



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